Daily Blues Licks Anniversary Selection


After one year from the first Daily Blues Lick posted on Instagram, here is a cool assortment of 30 Daily Blues Licks selected among the acclaimed series with which I got over 40k Followers and millions of views.
This selection includes Blues intros, outros, Pentatonic Major & Minor licks, Modal Scales licks (Mixolydian, Dorian, Aeolian) and some famous blues artists' lick sequences. Every Daily Blues Lick comes with 16:9 Video (streaming + download), Backing Track and PDF with Music Notation and Tabs.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to get this great collection on your smartphone, tablet, and pc!


Free Sample


  Here is the 30 Licks List. Click on the orange number in the left column of the table to access a Lick page

Free Lick Of The Week

Every week I post a new lick/rhythm with Tabs, Music Notation and Backing Track, which lasts for (approximately) a week only! The Daily Blues Lick 163 is slightly different from the licks posted before: it's an example on how to move the same lick centered around the Blues Scale in A on every scale position. Also don't forget to check out my Daily Blues Licks Selection above on this page and my SONG LESSONS with very accurate Videos with Tabs and high quality Backing Tracks!

Download Tabs & Music Notation

Backing Track


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